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Author Guidelines

General information

Industrial Heat Engineering journal publishes results of research on areas: heat and mass transfer processes and devices; theory and practice of drying; heat power plant; use and combustion of fuel; nuclear power; municipal and industrial power; renewable energy; energy saving; energy efficiency of buildings, building thermophysics; economic efficiency of energy projects; thermodynamics and transport processes; ecology of heat power objects; measurement, control, automation of heat processes. Focus and Scope more detailed.

Articles submitted to Industrial Heat Engineering journal should be original and unpublished contributions and should not be under consideration for any other publication at the same time. Manuscript should be written in Ukrainian, Russian or English. Responsibility for the contents of the paper rests upon the authors and not upon the editors or the publisher. Authors of submitted papers should familiarize themselves with copyright transfer to Industrial Heat Engineering journal, Institute of Engineering Thermophysics of NAS of Ukraine.

The papers have to be prepared according to the ethical standards in publishing.

The review process

Reviewing (expert evaluation) of manuscripts of scientific articles is carried out to maintain a high scientific and theoretical level of the journal and to select the most valuable and relevant scientific papers. Industrial Heat Engineering journal uses Double-Blind Peer Review. The review process is free of charge. More details on the review process.

The journal does not accept any forms of plagiarism and has its own special criteria for its identification. The journal uses software to detect instances of overlapping and similar text in submitted manuscripts: Detector Plagiarist, Antiplagiat, eTXT. Manuscripts in which plagiarism or textual borrowings are found without reference to the original source are rejected by the editorial board for publication in the journal. More details on Journal's Plagiarism policy.

Article Processing Charge (APC)

Article Processing Charge (APC) is free of charge. All costs for financing the journal are borne by Institute of Engineering Thermophysics of NAS of Ukraine. The journal receives funding from the subscription, for which it is distributed by the libraries of Ukraine. So the journal does not levy any charges.

Submission of papers

Paper submission is free of charge. A submission must include the corresponding author's complete name, affiliation, address, phone and fax numbers, ORCID and e-mail address. All papers for consideration by Industrial Heat Engineering should be submitted by e-mail to the journal Executive Editor:

Vladimir Shmorgun, Executive Editor:
Institute of Engineering Thermophysics of NAS of Ukraine
2a, Zhelyabova Str., Kyiv, 03057, Ukraine
Email: shmorgun@ittf.kiev.ua; Phone: +38-044-456-48-67.

Manuscript preparation

Authors of submitted papers should familiarize themselves with ARTICLE SAMPLE (PDF)

The article should be structured in accordance with the requirements of HAC of Ukraine from 15.01.2003 №7-05/1  "On  increasing  requirements  for professional  publications,  listed  HAC  Ukraine"  and  contain subsections:

  • Statement of the problem in general and its relationship with the current scientific and practical tasks;
  • Analysis of recent research and publications in which is started a solution of the problem;
  • Selection of the unsolved aspects of the problem, which is devoted to this article;
  • Formulation of the aims of article (problem);
  • Basic material with full justification of scientific results;
  • The conclusions of this study and the prospects for further research in this

To the article must be accompanied by:

  • An official letter signed by the head of the organization, in which the work was performed;
  • Two copies of the manuscript of the article made in accordance with the requirements set out. One copy of the manuscript should be signed by all the authors;
  • The original expert opinion on the possibility of the publication of this work in the press;
  • Signed by the Author's Agreement about the transfer of the author's right to publish a manuscript;
  • Full postal address one of the authors, contact telephone number and e-mail;
  • A copy of the subscription to the journal (from the organization or authors) - if available.

The article should contain:


  • Call number UDC; article title; surname, name of the authors, ORCID;
  • Full name of the organization, where the authors work and their postal address work;
  • Summary on Ukrainian, Russian and English (200-300 signs) that is showing the purpose of the research and the main results;
  • The number of bibliographic references, tables, figures (for example: "The 9, Table 1, Figure 3.")
  • Keywords;
  • The list of designations;
  • An article on the original language;
  • The conclusions of the article,
  • A list of references (no more than 15), in order of reference in the article;

Unit the Latin alphabet, including:

  • Title of the article in English; Surname, name and patronymic of all authors - transliteration;
  • Full names and postal addresses of organizations, in which the authors The names of organizations they belong to specific departments, postal address, city and country are served in the English language without abbreviations;
  • Summary in English (600-800 signs) containing the goal, objectives, research methods, results;
  • Bibliography as: References 7, tables 2, figures 5.
  • Key words;
  • List of references in Latin: the same list as in the article, but the author's names are on a transliteration; title of the article - a transliteration and then in brackets - English; journal's titles and other literary references - a transliteration of the Cyrillic alphabet, and then in brackets - in English; the original data are indicated in English, either - the digital At the end of each link (not the English edition) in brackets must specify the language of the original article - (Rus) or (Ukr). The names of the literature are presented without abbreviations.
  • Latin alphabet transliteration in accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 01. 2010 № 55 (see http://zakon.rada.gov.ua.).
    • The volume of articles (with pictures) - no more than 5 pages (line spacing - 5).


The article should be typed in text editor Microsoft Word 97-2003, editor formulas MathType 5.0 and above. Page format - A4, margins top, down, left - 2.5 cm, right -. 1.5 cm.

The main text: line spacing - 1,5. Font - Times New Roman 11pt, justified alignment, automatic hyphenation, the first row - indent 1.25 cm. Title of the article - font 12pt, bold, small letters, placing in the middle. Article executed without headers and footers, and page numbering. When writing numbers the fractional part of a whole separate point, not the point.

All designations are removed from the text and presented a single list in front of the article material. Symbols are arranged in alphabetical order, in a column, first Latin, then Greek, Russian, further indices - upper and lower. When using abbreviations in the text must also allow their decoding symbols at the end of the list.


a - coefficient of thermal diffusivity; Re – number of Reynolds;

T - temperature;

t - time;

a - coefficient of heat transfer;

ZSOV - closed system of heating and ventilation.

Latin designation values and indexes should be printed in italics (except const, exp, ln, max, min, Bi, Fo, M, Nu,

Pr, Re, St, sin, cos, 0C, K ..., C2H4, CO2, O2 ...), Greek and Russian - direct print (in the text and in the formulas in the figures). It is necessary to clearly distinguish between the writing of a hyphen (-) and a hyphen (-).

The formulas: mathematical formulas are presented as separate objects in the MathType equation editor. Font - Times New Roman 11pt, centered, numbering - in parentheses, on the right. To the Editor of the formulas used by the following parameters: Greek symbols and letters - font Symbol. The rest - Times New Roman. Dimensions: standard - 11pt, a major symbol - 14pt, large index - 8pt. Latin letters and symbols should be presented in the style of "Mathematics", Cyrillic - in the "Text" style. It is not allowed representation formulas and their numbers in the form of a table. The symbols in the formulas and the text of the article should have the same image.

Drawings: drawings (up to 5) are presented in the specialized graphic software packages Adobe Photoshop, Corel Photo-Paint, Corel Draw extensions tif files, jpg, pcx, bmp, at 300 dpi without captions and inserted into the text as "drawing", and not "painting". The font of the text in the figures - Times New Roman 11pt. Smaller figures should be placed with the text wrap by 3 mm. If the drawing is inserted, it is necessary to check the option "Move with text" and "Set snap." Using the landscape is not allowed. Photos represent only when absolutely necessary.

References: List of references (no more than 15) numbered in the order mentioned in the text. Font Times New Roman 10pt, authors' names - in italics. Abbreviations names cited sources is not allowed.

Articles decorated with non-compliance will be returned to the authors. The date of receipt will be considered as the date of receipt reuse article, drawn up in accordance with the above requirements. More detailed information can be found in the journal, Phone (044) 456-48-67, e-mail: shmorgun@ittf.kiev.ua, ihe@nas.gov.ua.

The mailing address of editorial office: 2a, Zhelyabov str., Kyiv, 03680, Ukraine.


Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party. Privacy, Confidentiality and Informed Consent Policy.