• V.G. Demchenko Institute of Technical Thermophisics the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
  • А.S. Тrubachev Institute of Technical Thermophisics the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
  • A.V. Konyk Institute of Engineering Thermophysics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Keywords: method, capacitive heat storage, calculation of the tensely-deformed state.


Worked out methodology of determination of the tensely-deformed state of elements of mobile heat storage of capacity type, that works in the real terms of temperature and power stress on allows to estimate influence of potential energy on resilient deformation that influences on reliability of construction and to give recommendations on planning of tank (capacities) of accumulator.

For determination possibly of possible tension of construction of accumulator kinematics maximum terms were certain.

As a tank of accumulator shows a soba the difficult geometrical system, the mathematical model of calculation of coefficient of polynomial and decision of task of minimization of functional was improved for determination of tension for Міzеs taking into account the real geometry of equipment.

Conducted quantitative estimation of the tensely-deformed state of the union coupling, corps and bottom of thermal accumulator and the resource of work of these constructions is appraised. Thus admissible tension folds 225 МРа.


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Demchenko, V., ТrubachevА., & Konyk, A. (2020). RESEARCH OF THE TENSELY-DEFORMED STATE OF ELEMENTS OF MOBILE HEAT STORAGE. Thermophysics and Thermal Power Engineering, 42(2), 68-75.
District and Industrial Heat Power, Renewable Energy Systems, Energy Efficiency