• Y. V. Bulii Nationsl Universtiy of Food Technology
  • O. M. Obodovych Institute of Engineering Thermophysics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
  • V. V. Sydorenko Institute of Engineering Thermophysics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


Obtaining high quality rectified ethyl alcohol is a priority for the further development of the alcohol industry. The solution to this urgent problem is possible under the condition of deeper extraction and concentration of volatile alcohol impurities on the plates of the column equipment of the Distillation/Rectification Unit.

In the columns of the Distillation/Rectification Unit simultaneously with the release of volatile alcohol impurities due to the esterification reaction is the formation of organic compounds that degrade its quality and reduce the yield of the final product. Thus, during the interaction of alcohols, acids, and aldehydes, the breakdown products of amino acids, sulfur compounds, and other components of the brew in the fermentation column are the formation of esters, aldehydes, and acetals of organic acids.

The aim of the work was to determine the optimal technological modes of distillation of alcohol-containing intermediate products and by-products of the distillation/rectification process in the accelerating column, epuration of wash distillate in the epuration column, the concentration of rectified alcohol in the alcohol column, and its repeated epuration in the column of final clearance, under which the content of organic impurities in rectified ethyl alcohol would be the lowest.

Materials and methods.  Research methods were analytical, chemical, physico-chemical with the use of instruments and research methods used in the production of rectified ethyl alcohol. The concentration of volatile alcohol impurities was determined on a gas chromatograph with a column of HP FFAP 50 m × 0.32 m. It is determined that to increase the degree of extraction of organic impurities it is necessary to ensure the concentration of ethyl alcohol in the column bottom of the accelerating column, which does not exceed 4% vol.; pasteurization zone in the rectification column increase to 10 plates, reduce the concentration of ethanol in the epurate to 22-29% by hydroselection of impurities; for hydroselection in the epuration column use free of impurities bottom products of the accelerating column. To improve the quality of rectified alcohol and reduce energy consumption by extending the contact time on the plates of steam and liquid, a promising direction is the use of mass transfer equipment of cyclic mode. The proposed measures require constant monitoring of technological parameters and provide for the operation of technological equipment in an automated mode.


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