• O.M. Obodovych Institute of Engineering Thermophysics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
  • G.К. Ivanitsky Institute of Engineering Thermophysics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
  • O.E. Stepanova Institute of Engineering Thermophysics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Keywords: heating, melting, hydrocarbon mixtures, annular gap, disk gap, mathematical modeling.


Analysis of the work, which considered the mathematical modeling of the melting process in various industries, currently does not pay attention to modeling the processes of heating and melting of hydrocarbon mixtures, such as vaseline, paraffin, fats, lanolin and others. The issue of optimization of heating and melting processes, calculations of necessary process parameters (speed and depth of thermal front penetration, etc.) and equipment, avoidance of repetition for each hydrocarbon mixture of experimental studies shows the need to develop a mathematical model of these processes. For the method of melting a substance placed in a cylindrical tank, based on the movement of a disc heating element under the action of gravity during melting and overflow of molten substance through the gaps between the disc and the walls of the tank, simulation has been carried out. Simulation of the melt flow in the annular gap is presented, which describes the laminar flow under the influence of the pressure drop and the velocity of the vessel wall relative to the heater, and the melt flow under the heater.


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Obodovych, O., Ivanitsky, G., & Stepanova, O. (2021). MODELING OF HEATING AND MELTING PROCESSES OF HYDROCARBON MIXTURES WITH FORCED REMOVAL OF THE MELT. Thermophysics and Thermal Power Engineering, 43(1), 89-96.
Thermodynamics and Transport Phenomena, Nuclear Power Engineering