• A.A. Avramenko Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
  • M.M. Kovetskaya Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
  • E.A. Kondratieva Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
  • T.V. Sorokina Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Keywords: turbulent boundary layer, heat transfer, gradient flow.


Effect of pressure gradient on heat transfer in turbulent boundary layer is constantly investigated during creation and improvement of heat exchange equipment for energy, aerospace, chemical and biological systems.

The paper deals with problem of steady flow and heat  transfer in turbulent boundary layer with variable pressure in longitudinal direction. The mathematical model is presented and the analytical solution of heat transfer in the turbulent boundary layer problem at positive and negative pressure gradients is given. Dependences for temperature profiles and coefficient of heat transfer on flow parameters were obtained. 

At negative longitudinal pressure gradient (flow acceleration) heat transfer coefficient can both increase and decrease. At beginning of acceleration zone, when laminarization effects are negligible, heat transfer coefficient increases. Then, as the flow laminarization increases, heat transfer coefficient decreases. This is caused by flow of turbulent energy transfers to accelerating flow.

In case of positive longitudinal pressure gradient, temperature profile gradient near wall decreases. It is because of decreasing velocity gradient before zone of possible boundary layer separation.


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